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“The North Carolina Board of Nursing and ThoughtSpan Technology's principals have maintained a close, confidential and confident working relationship for a decade, beginning with our first online application for License Renewal carrying through the current project, an employer notification system associated with licensure and discipline events. This application development environment has created products that can manage enterprise-level data and infrastructure while remaining simple and comfortable to use. The result is greatly improved user satisfaction both inside and outside the Board. ThoughtSpan keeps customer support and quality of product at the forefront of their services and continue to play an integral role in maintaining one of the country's best, most secure repositories for nursing information online.”

Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance Logo

“The LOSFA START program successfully converted from an in-house developed application to the 529 College Savings Admin System in 2004. Since that time, we've created a great professional work relationship between our internal IT staff and Monroe Limer and his team at ThoughtSpan. We have figured out the perfect balance; supplementing what we're lacking internally with support from the ThoughtSpan Resources. This mix has afforded us the ability to meet the business users' needs more effectively and efficiently. The ThoughtSpan team has proven to be the best solution in meeting the needs of our state's 529 Program.”

Identity Theft Organization

“ThoughtSpan has a unique ability to analyze and understand our needs and therefore provide the best solution for today and tomorrow. Furthermore, your willingness to investigate and suggest more beneficial and cost-effective solutions is a refreshing change from the typical business attitude. These intangibles matched with your superior technical expertise sets ThoughtSpan apart and above the competition.”

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“After years of working with ThoughtSpan's principals on our informational website, we're excited about Bailey Farm's upcoming venture into e-commerce. ThoughtSpan's knowledge of data security has made the move to online shopping a confident one because we know that our online transaction data will be transmitted and stored safely and our customers will be protected. Having this degree of confidence in our presence on the web helps immeasurably; we like having them on our team.”

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“I am very pleased with ThoughtSpan’s ability to perform above our expectations and provide excellent support for their solutions. From consulting to programming, their team has been on-budget while also providing timely and personalized service. Choosing them as a partner has been a win-win for all.”

Fortune 100 Bank

“Thank you so much for your hard work on the system enhancements. I am utterly blown away by your intuitive results on the Monthly Report. We have barely had any conversation about the report whatsoever and you did such an incredible job interpreting the need! I am so excited and love the format! GREAT JOB!!!!!”

“Thank you so much for always going so above and beyond for our team, you are the most amazing partner to work with. I cannot thank you enough!”