Managing licensing requirements and other regulated processes—either on paper or through an off-the-shelf application that answers only some of your needs—can create havoc. But despite the complexities of your profession, you have a responsibility to provide superior service to a community that relies upon your functionality and vigilance.

ThoughtSpan’s web-based licensing and complaint tracking solutions deliver the holistic features and benefits you need to:

  • Manage large numbers of diverse licenses, permits, investigations and complaints—single installations of our solution easily support over 100 internal users and more than 200,000 licensee users
  • Simplify and hasten the online application process for licensure
  • Define, monitor and uphold service levels based on regulations and compliance best practices
  • Respond quickly to customer requests and collaborate more efficiently
  • Interface with external data sources and feeds, such as industry boards, government agencies, payment gateways and any other third-party resource you use
  • Manage and monitor complaint investigations efficiently
  • Create robust reports to help you plan, analyze, automate and document workflows
  • Empower regulatory compliance while generating revenue

ThoughtSpan Technology Solutions


Access a highly configurable, functional and customizable solution for boards.

Different boards in different states have different needs. One of ThoughtSpan’s strengths is our ability to easily and affordably customize our licensing and complaint-tracking platform to suit your specific needs. Getting a solution that’s fully functional for your needs will pay for itself over and over again in efficiency and reduced workloads.

With ThoughtSpan, you’ll have a single, seamless, user-friendly interface for viewing and managing the entire licensing lifecycle, from initial application and renewals to continuing education, employment, disciplinary actions and other data you need to capture. And you can greatly reduce or eliminate calls for application status updates, as your licensees can view all of that online through their private portal. Processes that used to take days and, sometimes, weeks are reduced to hours, increasing satisfaction both in your organization and the communities you serve.

Manage complaints effectively and efficiently.

Today’s consumers are empowered with multiple avenues to voice their concerns. Regulators recognize this and are evolving service-based regulations in response. ThoughtSpan helps you address those changes with built-in complaint and service (as well as disciplinary cases, incident reports and other relevant data) tracking capabilities that enable you to focus on the customer experience, meet service levels and comply with even the most stringent regulations.

Address your regulatory needs, no matter what industry you’re in.

ThoughtSpan’s tracking and reporting platform has been proven in multiple industries over the years. For example, some of the world’s largest banking organizations use our software to track and manage identity theft, fraud, in-service product support and more. We help wealth management firms and 529 savings plan administrators simplify their regulatory tracking needs. And state and federal agencies count on us to provide license, complaint, and case investigation tracking.

Access world-class support for your solution.

With ThoughtSpan, you will receive the best customer care available. We regularly update our web-based solution to meet changing needs and we provide robust, attentive support to ensure you’re getting the functionality you need. You can count on us for:

  • Customized support level agreements
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Eliminated downtime and increased productivity
  • A variety of support contact methods
  • State of the art online ticketing and tracking system

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