With more than two decades of experience providing occupational licensing and complaint investigation solutions, ThoughtSpan Technology has a deep understanding of regulatory needs and how to meet them. As a result, we have an innate ability to quickly understand your business environment and translate that understanding to solutions that exceed expectations.

In short, our greatest advantages are a superior technology platform and exemplary customer service, resulting in client relationships that have lasted for decades. But there are other advantages that, when you add them all up, distinguish us from—and provide greater value than—any other occupational licensing and complaint investigation solutions provider:

  • Proven process. We ensure a customer-centered solution by following a turnkey process we’ve honed over decades. We work with you to understand your objectives, create a contract that meets your specific needs, identify your unique specifications, tailor your customized solution, test your solution, deploy it and then service it with ongoing support.
  • Regular updates. As a standard practice, customer feedback, industry trends and state-of-the-art technology are incorporated into periodic releases tailored for each client.
  • Stellar support. We go beyond others to eliminate downtime and increase productivity through our responsive 24/7/365 support.
  • Unrivaled passion. This isn’t just a paycheck for us. We thrive on solving problems and coming up with answers to your needs.
  • Great communication. We keep our finger on the pulse of your operations and offer excellent project planning with regular updates. We will speak up if we encounter an issue and we want you to do the same.
  • Custom development. From project planning through development and support, you get a personalized, tailored solution—and it’s more affordable than you think. It quickly pays for itself in the increased productivity, user satisfaction and functionality you receive that you can’t get with a cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf solution.