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ThoughtSpan Technology, LLC Expands Systems Implementation with the State of Louisiana

The State of Louisiana recently launched the START K12 Savings Plan, which allows families to save for tuition expenses related to attendance at any Louisiana school that provides kindergarten through twelfth grade instruction. START K12 is a “Qualified Tuition Plan” under Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. The program is administered by the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance, under the direction of the Louisiana Tuition Trust Authority, or LATTA.

Powered by ThoughtSpan Technology, LLC, the START K12 Savings Plan provides a multi-function web based account management portal. This proprietary system provides account administrators a secure online portal to manage existing savings accounts, open new ones and request withdrawals on behalf of any beneficiary for which they are responsible. On the administrative side, Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOFSA) personnel enjoy a modern, web-based, secure portal to perform the day to day functions and reporting required to administer the program for the state.

Located in Charlotte, NC, ThoughtSpan Technology has been delivering workflow automation solutions for more than two decades. In addition to Qualified Tuition and 529 Savings Plan systems automation, ThoughtSpan Technology, LLC provides case management, complaint and service tracking, incident and investigation software and is an industry leader in occupational licensure management software.

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