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ThoughtSpan Technology, LLC launches Licensing Management System for the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board

ThoughtSpan Technology, LLC recently launched its Licensing Management System for The North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board. Designed to simplify and automate online licensing services, this comprehensive and innovative technology platform is used by many prestigious licensing boards throughout the United States and Canada.

When selecting a partner, the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board sought a solution to transition internal record keeping and processes to an efficient online licensing system. After implementing ThoughtSpan Technology LLC’s Licensure Gateway, North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board licensees can now go online and access and print their licensure certificates and verification letters, in addition to managing other administrative tasks necessary to retain their credentials.

ThoughtSpan Technology’s licensing gateway has many robust features and is a trusted choice that manages millions of licensed professional’s records. Monroe Limer, President of ThoughtSpan Technology comments, “we have partnered with many state agencies and licensing boards and welcome the opportunity to help the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board automate their workflows and improve efficiency”. Dr. Tod Schadler, Executive Director of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board added, “We are very pleased with the implementation process and anticipate great improvements in our organization going forward”.

Located in Charlotte, NC, ThoughtSpan Technology has been providing workflow automation solutions for more than two decades and is a leader in the arena of occupational licensure management software. In addition to enterprise solutions for licensing boards and state agencies, ThoughtSpan Technology also provides case management, complaint and service tracking, incident and investigation software.

For additional information, please visit ThoughtSpan Technology at or call 704-804-5080.